Jason is an artist and art educator in the Pacific Northwest.  His experience of growing up around the mountains and rivers of southern Oregon has fostered his instinct to wander, collect, and create.  Jason's experience working among the southern Oregon countryside as a vineyard hand, forester, and carpenter shapes his aesthetic sensibility. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in both painting and sculpture at Southern Oregon University.  Being heavily influenced by Joseph Beuys and the notion that art can have a transformative effect on the people who experience it, Jason decided to pursue his Masters in the Arts of Teaching from Pacific University in Oregon. 


His work today is reflective of the skills and experiences he has accumulated. Paint, plaster, wax, rusted metal, dirt, roots, shells, and plants have a place in his work.  In the spring of 2010 Jason exhibited "Under the Wing of Corvus" where he explored the art, literature, and mythology of crows and ravens. He has since followed up with Mythos, Sojourn, and Precipice.  With Precipice, his work has become more conscious of fashion and politics while maintaining a use of diverse materials.  


As an arts educator, Jason believes strongly in the transformative effect art can have upon a community.  Jason is currently working on a body of work inspired by the fashion of social upheaval.  Contact Jason for commissions or collaboration at jasonwadephelps@gmail.com   




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