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Statement for Mythos


Behind each work is a story of wandering and collecting, looking for objects of nature that hold a sense of history or knowing of life.  This act is very natural to me as it is to many of us - to collect an object along a water’s edge, mountain trail, or desert plain and wonder about it’s history or significance.  I have learned to build upon this impulse by collecting metaphors in myth and culture.  For Mythos my research includes the writings of Joseph Campbell, alchemy, and mythology.  As I conduct my research I try to apply Campbell’s methodology of finding commonalities and meta-narratives in world mythology.   In this body of work you will see reference to the ourobora, caduceus, dualities, and the quest for knowledge through chakras or technology.  I believe that each shell, insect, seed, feather, and grain of sand I collect holds in it a memory of being, giving each composition a story to tell about the experience we share on our earth.


Thank you for viewing my work, and I hope you are affected with the same sense of curiosity as I was for every object and myth I discovered along the way.


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