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Statement for Sojourn -


In the midst of algorithms and riots, sedimentation and revolutions, there is a human theatre.  We look for meaning in these dramas.  Knowledge can be discerned from the natural processes which occur with or without detection.  Moments are fleeting; sometimes they go unnoticed and other times we hold on to them, creating constants, even archetypes.  Our experience shapes us and defines us.  We become the event, the thing. We watched and rooted for the comet ISON to endure its journey around the sun.  We became ISON, flying closer to the sun, hoping not to burn out as in the Greek story of Icarus.  Sojourn describes a communion between us and the natural world. These moments are fleeting like a butterfly, or slow like sedimentation. Regardless, our temporary stay in the long processions of time makes us all sojourners.  Lastly, our temporality does not excuse us from our responsibilities to nature, but in fact heightens the responsibilities we have to make the most of our time.  We are not outside nature. We are part of the great events which occur all around us; whether beneath our feet or in our night sky.

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